Solutions Overview

Designed for behavioral health and addiction treatment.

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Payers, providers and consumers all have a stake in achieving more effective and efficient continuums of care. The MAP platform helps behavioral health and addiction treatment providers respond to the demand for increased accountability, identify and manage risk, increase patient engagement, improve outcomes and position their facilities for continued success in the years to come.

The MAP Recovery Network helps you optimize clinical and financial performance by delivering actionable insights. MAP's advanced tools, alerts, reporting and analytics standardize and streamline clinical processes, promote better patient engagement, enable proactive care and combat revenue losses. Your organization will be able to build a sustainable model for improved accountable care and financial success.

Telehealth Recovery Support

Deliver expanded access to post-discharge recovery support via telehealth in order to improve outcomes, diversify revenue streams and empower your operations with outcomes data.

Care Coordination

Care coordinate your alumni through Real-Time Risk Assessment and Use Event Alerts. Grow your referral network by utilizing the extensive network of Licensed Professional Counselors.

Revenue Cycle Management

In a field facing increasing compliance risk, can you really afford a cheap billing company that cuts corners? We treat billing as an investment and our approach is to maximize your return and deliver impeccable service.

Outcomes Data

Take your program to the next level with high-integrity, actionable outcomes data and intuitive monthly reports that will give you the ability to demonstrate your facility's outcomes.