Watch Tower

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As a business administrator and case manager, Watch Tower provides you with powerful, actionable information at your fingertips. This flexible reporting environment allows you to create a comprehensive reporting environment designed with unique workflows and processes. As a Watch Tower user you can be instantly greeted with a dashboard of default widgets which display data that allows you to understand risk within a specific patient population. Based on the information gleaned from data, the population can be refined to specific treatment facilities, payers, or by specified programs to narrow the view and identify trends and patterns.

The default library of widgets can be quickly customized enabling users to rearrange or turn on/off widgets which are not applicable to their workflows.

Watch Tower widgets enable users to:

  • Assess, predict and manage risk for your patient population
  • Observe trends in treatment, use events and relapse over time
  • Better understand and manage your staff case load

Once a trend is identified, Watch Tower will provide clear steps for you to navigate your patient's records and guide you through a course correction of care when necessary.

Default Watch Tower Widgets

The following widgets are included with all Watch Tower dashboard configurations.

Highest risk cases dashboard report

The Highest Risk Cases widget is a tabular listing of all patients currently at the “Highest” risk level and subject to potential relapse.

Patients currently in relapse report

Quickly view and take action to your patients currently in relapse with this widget.

Most declining patient dashboard report

Using the Most Declining Over Last Week widget, Watch Tower can report a listing of up to 25 patients who are most declining out of the selected population over the past week.

Cases by risk type dashboard report

Cases by Risk Type allows you to see the number of patients in various risk levels. The colors shown on the pie chart in Watch Tower align with the risk level indicators in Case 360 and individual patient profiles.

Most out of contact patient report

The Most Out of Contact widget provides a listing of up to 25 patients who are most out of contact with counselors based upon assigned touch schedules and call preferences.

Population Use Event Trend summary

With the Population Use Event Trend widget you can easily view a summary of patients with use events over the past six months. Adjacent to the six month trend graph, data points include: total number of use events in period, use events in last month and total number of patients in relapse.