MAP Insights

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MAP Insights combines our best-in-class reporting package and dynamic question engine. With a focus on providing treatment transparency, detailed outcomes data and risk stratification, three options are available tailored specifically to your healthcare organization's size and needs.

Healthcare reporting software screenshots

MAP Insights Interactive Reports

Accessible through an independent reporting module, MAP's healthcare reporting software provides new clarity into:

  • Risk of potential relapse
  • Detailed outcomes data regarding the patient's recovery process
  • Aggregated, anonymized benchmark data to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement

MAP Insights hosts a growing library of interactive reports including:

  • Executive Summary
  • Using and Relapse
  • Core Indicators
  • Risk Levels
  • Quality of Life
  • Demographics
  • Supplemental Reports
  • Length of Stay
  • Drug of Choice

Contact your portal implementation manager to inquire about MAP Insights interactive reports for your healthcare organization.

Standard healthcare reports

Standard Reports

Standard reports are included with every instance of the MAP Care Solutions portal. These high level, monthly reports are downloadable in PDF format from within the portal itself. Reports cover a range of topics in an easily digestible format such as treatment center performance, anonymous benchmarking against other centers, patient demographics and basic patient outcomes.

Custom interactive healthcare reporting

MAP Insights 360

If your organization desires custom healthcare reporting and the ability to access underlying MAP data on your population, MAP Insights 360 may be for you. Using an interactive ad-hoc reporting environment, MAP Insights 360 enables non-technical end users to create their own reporting packages exposing the insights most valuable for your patient's and organization.