Case 360

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Case 360 provides a comprehensive look at your patient population and gives you a holistic representation of your patient's medical history, treatment progression and risk level. Case 360 is divided into three unique components, the patient roster, counselor task queue and patient record.



Patient Roster

The patient roster in Case 360 is composed of two distinct views: an administrative listing of patients and a counselor task queue. The patient roster provides a holistic look at the assigned patient population and allows users to view a summary of data associated with the patient as a tabular interface including: name, contract start/end dates, assigned recovery advocates and risk levels.

Cohorts can be defined within the population using refinements including: Case/Patient Status, Last Contacted Date, Drug of Dependency, Co-occurring Disorder, History of Suicide Attempts, Historical Use Events, Medication Changes and numerous other data elements housed within the patient record. Once a cohort has been defined, results can be narrowed using real-time, in-context searches.


Counselor Task Queue

Licensed professional counselors accessing the MAP Platform are immediately directed to the Counselor Task Queue view. This interface provides an actionable list of upcoming video consults, phone calls and documentation needs for the population under management. Tasks shown in the interface are generated by the patient's touch-schedule, call preferences and treatment progression. Counselors and business administrators can also choose to manually create and manage the assignment of tasks.

EMR functionality screenshot

EMR Task Feature

Patient Record

The MAP Portal provides a medium for counselors and business administrators to venture well beyond the limitations of a traditional electronic medical record (EMR). Your staff can annotate, validate and measure the patients care through telephonic, and tele-medical evaluations. In addition to a robust, accessible video consult and interview engine, the patient record component of Case 360 provides storage for records such as:

  • Freeform and SOAP based case notes
  • Medication history
  • Drug test results
  • Diagnosis history
  • Insurance and benefits records
  • Treatments and contracts

All data housed in the patient records can be exported in summary form or in familiar record formats such as: Excel, Plain Text and CSV.