Telehealth Solutions

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MAP's Telehealth Platform improves your client's chances of achieving and maintaining long-term recovery, enhances your ability to care coordinate and also establishes your extensive outcomes data set that will help you to demonstrate and improve the value of your behavioral health treatment program.

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Why MAP's Platform?

  • Empower your facility and counselors with data to improve outcomes.
  • Diversify your revenue stream by adding a reimbursable telehealth service.
  • Grow your referral network by care coordinating within MAP's Network of Licensed Professional Counselors.
  • Extend your continuum of care beyond treatment.
  • Demonstrate the quality and value of your behavioral health program as this is becoming increasingly important to health insurance payers and healthcare consumers.

Flexible Options for Providing Recovery Support

Because we don't operate in a one-size-fits-all world, MAP offers several options for providing extended recovery support to your alumni. We will work with you to determine the recovery support model that best suits your facility and your resources.

Telehealth Service

#Looking for a new revenue stream? We offer the opportunity for you to license MAP's Recovery Support Platform as a reimbursable telemedicine service. Your licensed staff uses the platform to provide support to alumni who reside in the same state as your center.

The Counselor Network

# Care coordinate your discharged patients regardless of their state of residence by utilizing the counselors who are part of the MAP Recovery Network. This model provides recovery support to your alumni, outcomes data to your facility and it also grows your referral network.

Full Service

#MAP's team of Certified Recovery Advocates will provide post-treatment recovery support and collect actionable outcomes data for your facility.